Meadow Creek Pig Roasters

The construction of the PR60 Pig Roaster is unbelievably tight and held heat better than I expected. We can’t wait until we can have 70 more people over for BBQ.

—KGJ, PR60 owner

36” Capacity
30–40 lb pig
With 2nd Tier Grate:
4 whole briskets 10 pork butts
With Grill Pan:
25–30 burgers
12–15 ribeye steaks

42” Capacity
100 lb pig
With 2nd Tier Grate:
8–9 whole briskets
18–20 pork butts
With Grill Pan:
40–45 hamburgers
20–25 ribeye steaks

60” Capacity
200 lb pig
With 2nd Tier Grate:
16–18 whole briskets
30–35 pork butts
With Grill Pan:
70–75 hamburgers
30–35 ribeye steaks
72” Capacity
275 lb pig
With 2nd Tier Grate:
18–20 whole briskets
40–44 pork butts
With Grill Pan:
85–90 hamburgers
40–45 ribeye steaks

Some models are shown with optional upgrades. Pig capacities are listed as dressed weights.


  • Cooking grates are made of rust-free food-grade T304 stainless steel rod and easy to clean.
  • Grill bodies are made of 13-gauge welded steel and painted with black heat-resistant paint in an attractive matte finish.
  • Slanted drip pan drains the grease to the outside of the unit through a drip tube (except for the PR36).
  • Stainless steel calibratable thermometer
  • Charcoal models have top and bottom dampers to control the temperature and a removable charcoal vent in the bottom of the roaster.
  • Gas models have a propane safety valve and a 1″ pipe burner. Trailer models also come with a gas tank mount.
  • Trailers have components welded to the bottom of the roaster and feature a 2” ball hitch and safety chains, heavy-duty wheel jack, rubber torsion axles, road-worthy tires, and DOT-compliant flush-mount LED lights, reflector strips, and VIN plate. We are a licensed trailer manufacturer and can provide a certificate of origin for trailer models.