Meadow Creek Flat Top Grills

These grills are designed for grilling hot dogs, steaks, and anything else you want to cook over direct heat. They are built to hold up under constant use in restaurants, festivals, and other commercial settings. The cooking grates are made of rust-free T304 food grade stainless steel, which simplifies maintenance.

“We’ve had our BBQ60G for 12 years, and it still looks like new. I recommend these grills to all caterers and food vendors.”

Billy Christine
Smoke ’n Dudes Catering

Gas Model Features

Removable Stainless Steel Guards
Keep Grease and Debris off the Burners

Burner Pilot

Gas Manifold
With Cover Removed


  • Vinyl Cover (VC)
  • Hinged Lid
  • Griddle (GR)
  • Trailer-Mounted
Custom BBQ60G
With Optional Hinged Lid, Stainless Steel Work Surface, and Storage Box With Stainless Steel Lid