HECO Optional Add-Ons

External Tank Coil
Our External Tank Coil is for use with heating water in an external tank, separate from the cookstove. This coil does not include tubing and fittings for hookup.

22 Gallon Water Reservoir
Our standard stainless steel reservoir mounts behind the warming shelf or closet. Plugs and spout included; works with Coil Kit (not included).

Coil Kit
Our Coil Kit includes a 12” coil and fittings to connect the coil to the 22 Gallon Water Reservoir. This

Heat Shield
Our Heat Shield creates an extra level of insulation which allows for the stove to be placed 12 inches away from a combustible wall, rather than the standard 18 inches.

Summer Grate
Our Summer Grate elevates the fire in the fire box, allowing the stove to be used for cooking with a small fire in warmer weather.

Warming Closet
The optional Warming Closet offers a closed door feature to the standard Warming Shelf, keeping food on the shelf warmer for longer.