Dutchman knows all about heat! We supply the finest quality stoves and accessories. We believe that Heco is a fantastic cookstove. We carry some in stock and would like to show you what a real quality stove looks like up close.

The HECO Cookstove

The Heco cookstove was designed to be a simple, high-quality, low-maintenance cookstove that is guaranteed to last for a lifetime of use. Heco cookstove customers should never need to replace their entire stove, but can easily replace parts, if needed. Each stove utilizes a secondary airflow which creates secondary combustion, burning off it’s own smoke, and making for less cleanout. We hope that every Heco cookstove customer will come to realize that the Heco brand is one on which they can simply rely.

2000 Series

The 2000 Series is our base model, woodburning-only cookstove.

420 Series

Our 420 Series is the smaller of our two elite Heco cookstoves. This stove is designed to burn either wood or coal and includes the standard warming shelf.

520 Series

The Heco 520 Series is the larger of their two elite cookstoves.

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Heco Options

Optional Add-Ons

420 & 520 Series Stoves Options

Firebox & Oven Door Options
Stovetop Options