DS Forced Air Coal Furnaces

Stoker Furnace Model #DS SF250

The Stoker Furnace is a twin to the Stoker Boiler that we manufacture. The difference is “hot air” vs. “hot water”. It is an auger-fed stoker with a pot burner, designed to burn rice coal. It is designed to feed the coal from an optional 500 lb. hopper or coal bin. This unit is constructed with a “built to last” attitude.

Stoker Furnace Model #DS SF250
  • Burns rice coal
  • Auger-fed round fire pot with complete breakdown “floating” design
  • Special tubes through the firebox for maximum heat exchange
  • RH or LH feed option
  • Outfire sensor
  • Variable speed combustion blower and auger
  • Smart relay technology
  • Domestic coil option
  • 3-speed blower
  • Filter box – right or left intake
  • Optional 500 lb. hopper
  • Made in the USA

Ecomiser Model #200-10

The Ecomiser was designed to be economical. This U.L. listed coal burning furnace is controlled with a bi-metal regulator, combining with secondary combustion for maximum efficiency, using less fuel.

  • Heats u to 2500 sq. ft.
  • Preset secondary combustion Bi-metal draft regulator
  • Cast iron airtight doors
  • Secondary combustion system
  • Adjustable sna disc for distribution blower
  • Standard with filter box
  • Made in the USA

Kozy-King Models #DS100-14, DS300-09, DS400-09

The Kozy-King is thermostat controlled for even temperature. The furnace comes with a 3-speed blower and a safety feature to prevent overheating. The Kozy-King will heat your whole house, sho or greenhouse.

Kozy-King Models #DS100-14, DS300-09, DS400-09
  • #100-14 heats up to 2000 sq. ft.
  • #300-09 heats up to 3000 sq. ft.
  • #400-09 heats up to 4000 sq. ft.
  • Cast iron airtight doors
  • 3-speed blower
  • Thermostat controlled
  • Safety control with fan limit switch
  • Secondary combustion system
  • Special tubes through fire box for maximum heat circulation
  • Forced draft
  • Insulated cabinet
  • 80/20 combustion bypass
  • 85.1% efficiency rating
  • Domestic water option
  • Made in the USA


Vertical tubes in the firebox increase the steel heating surface area by approximately 50%. This will create a natural hot air draft inside the tube and will draw cool air off the floor. The hot air produced by convection will constantly circulate through your house with no electrical blowers or fans, meaning even heat through your home.