DS Coal Boilers

Aqua-Gem Models #1100, 3200, 4200

The Aqua-Gem’s hydronic system requires no electricity to heat water for floor heating, baseboard, freestanding radiators, heat pumps,
or domestic water. It works well with new or existing oil or electric boilers. Each unit is pressure tested to 120 PSI and has a powerful heat exchanger for maximum efficiency.

Aqua-Gem Models #1100, 3200, 4200
  • Safety tested to U.L. standards
  • Secondary combustion system
  • Optional 4 or 5-gallon per minute domestic water coil
  • Optional forced draft
  • Optional insulation/sheet metal cabinet
  • Made in the USA
DS 3200 with sheet metal insulation kit

This 4 or 5-gallon-per-minute domestic water coil can heat your hot water or work in conjunction with your existing domestic water system. You can save up to $100.00 per month over L gas, electric or heating fuel.

Coal Boiler Model #9158

Coal Boiler Model #9158
  • Tank built from 1/4” plate steel
  • Top load
  • Rugged multi-purpose boiler
  • Controlled with Samson regulator