Customize Your Meadow Creek Chicken Cooker

Makes Cooking Chicken Easy…

The BBQ96 is very well designed. It is easily operated by one person and makes cooking chicken easy. The lids help get more smoke into the meat and avoid flare-ups. I like that I can raise the charcoal tray and use a flat grate to grill tri-tip, steaks, or hot dogs.

Danny Scott
La Grande, Oregon

Some of the Best Steaks I’ve Done in 40 Years…
I can extend the cook time out to an hour and a half for some nicely smoked chicken. I also have the fixed charcoal grate and griddle. By setting the charcoal pan at the higher location the cooker makes a superb charcoal grill. It cooks some of best steaks I’ve done in the last 40 years.

John Moyers

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