Brute Force Model 18-24 HD Firewood Processor

A commercial firewood processor that’s built heavy for daily firewood production!

The Brute Force 18-24 HD is fast becoming the industry leader in mid sized firewood processors, with its rugged design, standard features & ability to process up to 20″ diameter logs. With it’s included 37 HP Kohler big block gas engine, it’s one of the fastest firewood processors in it’s class, producing from 1.5 to 3 cords per hour. This machine comes standard with a 3 strand live deck that is easily raised and lowered hydraulically with a lever on the operator control panel. The integrated 14′ hydraulic operated chain stacking conveyor swings 3′ left & right and allows you to easily load firewood into a trailer or truck box, even with high sides. Joystick controls operate the hydraulic saw, clamp, live deck, and log infeed conveyor. Machine comes with 4 way, hydraulically adjustable wedge which can be raised and lowered at the push of a lever. Other standard features include torsion suspension with electric brakes, last log support & measuring grid, integrated tail lights & round log trough for better handling of crooked logs. The 18-24 HD is our most popular model and is designed with the commercial firewood producer in mind. Need more speed? Check out the Brute Force 18-24 HD Diesel Firewood Processor.

Standard Features

  • 18″ (20″ Max) Diameter Cut
  • Rounded Log Trough
  • 37 HP Kohler Industrial Gas Engine
  • 3 Strand Hydraulic Live Deck
  • Hydraulic “Last Piece” Support Table
  • 4 Way Hydraulically Adjustable Splitting Head
  • Fast-Split Splitter
  • Automatic Chain Oiler
  • Piston Saw Motor
  • Oil Cooler
  • Fenders and Tail Lights
  • Torsion Axle w/ Brakes
  • 1 year Manufacturers Warranty
  • 14′ Swiveling/Stacking Conveyor (16′ Optional)


  • Hydraulic Pump: 33 GAL/MIN Double Pump
  • Prince Hydraulic Relief Valve
  • Splitting Cylinder Length: 24″
  • Splitting Cylinder Diameter: 4.5″
  • 25 Ton Splitting Force
  • Saw Bar: 30″
  • Saw Chain: .404
  • Max Log Length: Approx. 14′
  • Hydraulic Reservoir Cap: 40 Gal
  • Bar Oil Cap: 3.5 Gal
  • Fuel Cap: 12 Gal


  • Log Trough Length: 10’7″
  • Transport Width: 80″
  • Transport Length: 22′
  • Gross Weight: Estimated at 5,250 LBS
  • Log Deck Height: 48″
  • Adjustable Height 2″ Ball Standard
  • Optional 2 5/16″ Ball or Pintle Hitch

I’m happy I made the choice. The new Brute Force 18-24 HD was my first firewood processor, as a matter of fact, I bought the very first one built. After producing wood with log splitters and chain saws I decided this is the way to go. And I’m happy I made the choice! The 18-24 HD was super easy to operate, I was running it like a pro within a couple of hours. The round log trough lets me run some ugly crooked logs and the swing outfeed conveyor lets me run much longer without moving the wood pile. And service.. Well it’s just a phone call away! Clayton is always there to help a new guy like me and always goes the extra mile. Simply couldn’t ask for more! Steve Hollingsworth Chippewa Falls, WI I bought a 16-24 Brute Force & I love it! This machine is twice as fast as my old processor & I don’t need a cant hook to roll logs onto the machine. Really simple, yet well built machines. Lloyd Fisher, WI This machine is 30% faster than our last diesel powered processor!

Dennis Castine, NY