About Meadow Creek Tank Smokers

Meadow Creek Tank Smokers Put the “Style” Into Good Ol’ Southern Style Barbecue
Our reverse-flow tank smokers make it easy to crank out amazing barbecue while maintaining the tradition of offset cooking. Few outdoor cookers can beat the presentation appeal of an offset smoker trailer at a catering site.

We make it easy to customize the smoker to fit your needs with a variety of upgrades, including insulated fireboxes, stainless steel workshelves, and rib racks.

From the heavy steel doors with positive-lock latches to the smooth welds, sliding stainless steel grates, and rounded tank ends designed for optimal airflow, we work hard to give you the best in handcrafted value.

If you want to cook with indirect heat, and occasionally cook over direct heat, choose a Meadow Creek Tank Smoker with an optional Charcoal Grill Pan.

Heat is produced in the firebox at the side, flows beneath the sealed drip pan to the opposite end, enters the smoking chamber, then returns toward the firebox and exits the stack.

From Amateur to Professional…
I’m really impressed with the quality of this equipment…
I cooked 4 pork butts, 8 racks of St. Louis style ribs, and a case of whole chicken legs. They turned out the best I’ve ever made, no exaggeration! These cookers make a seasoned professional out of an amateur.

JD’s Smoky Pit BBQ