About Meadow Creek Chicken Cookers

Meadow Creek Grills With Rotating Grates Make it Fun and Easy to Grill Tender, Juicy Chicken With Crispy Skin Every Time!
Known as the “chicken flippers,” these Meadow Creek grills with rotating sandwich grates have revolutionized chicken barbecues. Double-sided grates make it easy to turn the entire rack of meat with one hand. The stainless steel grates never rust and are easy to maintain, for many years of use.
The Meadow Creek Chicken Cooker is the perfect choice if you want to grill perfectly done bone-in chicken and also want the option to grill other foods, such as sausage links, burgers, steaks, and potatoes.

The food is separated from the fire by vertical distance as in a traditional block pit.

The TS250 and BBQ42 chicken cooker make cooking so easy, it’s nearly set it and forget it. It cooks like a dream with the tastiest chicken anywhere.

Mark Stalvey, Gaffney, SC
Cherokee Pit


  • Rotating double-sided grates are made of food-grade T304 stainless steel rod which won’t rust.
  • Grill bodies are made of 13-gauge welded steel and painted with black heat-resistant paint in an attractive matte finish.
  • Models with a lid include a calibratable stainless steel thermometer.
  • Trailer models are built on an angle frame and feature a 2” ball hitch and safety chains, heavy-duty wheel jack, rubber torsion axles, road-worthy tires, and DOT-compliant flush-mount LED lights, reflector strips, and VIN plate. We are a licensed trailer manufacturer and can provide a certificate of origin for trailer models.

This is one of the best investments I have ever made. The best reward is when someone comes up and tells me, “That is the best chicken I ever had. How do you keep it so juicy?”

Stewart Ellis, Clear Brook, VA
60 years of BBQ experience

The Consistency Was Seamless…
I cooked 75–80 pounds of wings per hour on the BBQ42 without getting carpal tunnel. The consistency
with each batch was seamless. Today I grilled some burgers on the unit and was truly surprised with how juicy they came out.

Calvin Steele
Fresh Squeezed
Vending Concepts