About Bravo Trailers

Bravo Trailers was founded by Mitchell Bender with one goal in mind: to build a great trailer that you can be proud to own. As a 25-year industry veteran who previously founded and built the largest cargo trailer manufacturer in the country, starting Bravo with a clean sheet of paper was a dream come true. Mitch is a hands-on owner who knows and uses his products. You can find him on any given weekend towing a trailer – either racing with his son or hauling motorcycles to a favorite destination. Together with the Bravo team, they are in a unique position to take the industry to a higher level.

The enclosed cargo trailer industry is riddled with chronic problems. Leaking trailers, broken frames, sloppy workmanship, long lead times and poor after-the-sale manufacturer’s support are all real problems to solve. Our mission at Bravo Trailers is to eliminate these problems by building trailers and options that work better, look great and exceed your expectations. These lofty goals can only be attained by a passionate team with the desire to succeed. Mitch Bender and the Bravo team have over 100 years of combined trailer building experience with the determination to get the job done.

Bravo Trailers is starting with a clean sheet approach to trailer manufacturing. We have chosen the best people and given them the tools to get the job done right. We provide a lean manufacturing plant with the entire manufacturing process under one roof. Together with Bravo’s seasoned engineering team and a simpler product line, we’ll achieve our quest for better quality, and a better trailer.

First and foremost, we are trailer people – we use and love trailers! That passion will translate into the best products available. Trailers that work and won’t let you down. Our commitment to deliver the best at competitive prices is steadfast.


The Bravo “BIG 10” is only part of what makes our trailers better. Our people and lean manufacturing facility are critical to our success. Bravo’s well trained workforce understands your satisfaction is the ultimate goal. ALL of our materials including the steel are stored inside. The raw materials are received, frames welded, prepped, painted, wired and finished under one roof. The trailers never leave the building until they are completed. Most other manufacturers store their steel outside, weld inside and then store ready to build frames outside in the weather waiting to go down the production line. Ask for pictures of their plants or ‘Google Earth’ them and take a look.

Customer Care


No other trailer manufacturer will address your needs as quickly or as fairly as Bravo. Satisfied customers are Bravo Trailers’ greatest asset. Whether it is a parts order or warranty claim, we will exceed your expectations. We believe true value comes from the overall ownership experience. Our commitment to deliver the best steel-framed, enclosed cargo trailer and motorsports trailer at a great price, and take care of our customer, is steadfast.


One of the chronic industry problems is poor parts support from trailer manufacturers. At Bravo Trailers, we will keep in stock and ship your parts to you or your dealer within 24 hours. Our commitment to this goal, along with a much simpler product line, will help us achieve it. We will never leave you stranded. Contact your Bravo Trailers dealer or call our Customer Service Hotline today.


Things do go wrong. If you ever have a warranty claim we will address it quickly and fairly. We at Bravo Trailers are proud of the products we build and will back them up. A warranty is only as good as the company standing behind it along with the people that care about your satisfaction. For detailed warranty information about your Bravo model of choice, check out the Warranty Information page or see your local Bravo Trailers dealer.


Like we said, we want you to be thrilled! Please help us do that by taking our Customer Satisfaction Survey


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